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Lokale Multiplayer Spiele

Genre: Actionspiel Koop-Spieleranzahl lokal: 0. Koop-Spieleranzahl online: 4. Im Battle-Royale-Modus des Online-Multiplayer-Shooters „Fortnite“ treten Sie auf. Helldivers. Trine 4. Cuphead. A Way Out. Overcooked 2. Sucht ihr nach Couch-Koop-. Zudem wollten wir euch nicht nur reine Onlinegames präsentieren, sondern auch Koop-Spiele und der lokale Multiplayer ist ebenfalls mit dabei.

Couch-Koop: Die besten Spiele mit lokalem Koop für 2 & mehr Spieler

Zudem wollten wir euch nicht nur reine Onlinegames präsentieren, sondern auch Koop-Spiele und der lokale Multiplayer ist ebenfalls mit dabei. Spiel entweder mit oder gegen Freunde und Familienmitglieder – mit unserem riesigen Angebot an lokalen Multiplayer-Spielen, für die keine Internetverbindung. Genre: Actionspiel Koop-Spieleranzahl lokal: 0. Koop-Spieleranzahl online: 4. Im Battle-Royale-Modus des Online-Multiplayer-Shooters „Fortnite“ treten Sie auf.

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Top 20 Couch-Koop Spiele ► Eure Tipps und neue Games

Berichtsheft Industriekaufmann Wie kann Lokale Multiplayer Spiele im One Casino mein Konto lГschen. - 14. Divinity: Original Sin 2

PEGI 3 Koop und PvP, 1 — 4 Spieler Wie lange dauert eine Spielsitzung?
Lokale Multiplayer Spiele
Lokale Multiplayer Spiele Rocket League. Darksiders Genesis. Divinity: Original Sin 2. Castle Crashers. Worms. Brawlhalla. Pummel Party. Crawl. Streets of Rage 4. Gang Beasts. Helldivers. Trine 4. Cuphead. A Way Out. Overcooked 2. Sucht ihr nach Couch-Koop-. In diesem Special sind die besten lokalen Multiplayer-Games von PS3, PS4, Xbox , Xbox One, der Wii U und dem PC vertreten. Sucht ihr.

Rock Band 4 Being in a rock band is fun. You get to be with your friends, shred on a guitar, and have crowds of fans cheering you on if you're good.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 takes all the intense hack 'n' slash action of the Warriors series but puts players into the shoes of the Straw Hat Pirates and many other characters from the One Piece anime.

It's fun and full of over-the-top action thanks to all of the odd Devil Fruits powering up fighters. Neon Chrome Neon Chrome is a fun, yet challenging, twin-stick shooter that you can play with a friend.

You'll have to be smart about which weapons you choose to pick up and which upgrades you choose in order to overcome the increasingly difficult challenges on offer.

It takes the series back to the days of stealth, vulnerability, and the need to preserve resources and is a must play for fans of the horror genre.

Never Alone Never Alone is a thought-provoking video game that has players navigating a harsh world as they embark on a sort of coming-of-age adventure with their trust fox, Nuna.

A Way Out A Way Out is a narrative-driven game with mandatory co-op. Laser League Laser League is one of those games that's just perfect for a party.

While you can play against your friend or friends if you so wish, you can also team up together and take on the AI.

For those unfamiliar with Laser League, you'll need to activate traps to eliminate your opponent, while avoiding the lasers coming from their own.

It's frantic, fast-paced, and incredibly compelling couch co-op fun. IDARB IDARB is a frantic 8-player co-op and versus experience that has you leaping around arenas trying to throw a ball into your opponent's goal.

Imagine a kind of cross between platforming, soccer, and handball, and you've got a general idea of how it all goes.

Not only is it just great fun to score an epic goal against your friends as they sit next to you, the game also features Twitch and Twitter support to dynamically change the way the game plays via hashtags.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes With one person tasked with defusing the bomb, and all of the other players using the Bomb Defusal Manual to find the solutions to the various puzzles that need to be solved on the bomb, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes tests your teamwork skills.

A Dodgeball Adventure Stikbold is another one of those awesome party games that can double up as both a versus and co-op title.

Stikbold is a dodgeball game, and you've simply got to knock your opponents out with the ball before they do the same to you.

Unravel 2 The original Unravel was a game filled with love and driven by a desire to release a heartwarming story of a family and their relationships with one another.

This time around, Yarny's got another woolen friend to help him achieve his goals. You'll need to work together to overcome the obstacles and reach the end.

It's a charming game with delightful visuals and some enjoyable platforming action to boot. Wizard of Legend Wizard of Legend's local co-op focuses on the Chaos Trials in the game.

You'll both have to dive straight into the action as you take on waves of enemies, strategically change your loadout, and compliment the playstyle of your partner.

If you're looking for a fast-paced dungeon crawler to check out with your friends, you could do a lot worse than this. Sonic Mania Plus Sonic Mania Plus for the Xbox One is essentially the definitive edition of the game that saw Sonic's return to form last year.

It's classic Sonic fun, so what more could you really ask for? Madden NFL If soccer isn't your thing and you're more into good ol' American football, then the Madden NFL series is likely already on your radar.

Each entry continues to offer up the ability to play against a friend in local multiplayer, or to team up and take on the AI or other players with couch co-op on Xbox one.

Spelunky If you love devilishly challenging 2D platformers, you can't go wrong with Spelunky. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Man of Medan is the latest narrative-driven title from Supermassive Games.

With multiple endings, a Curator's Cut mode that gives you a glimpse at other 'scenes' in the story, and a mode where each person you're with controls a separate character in the group, there's plenty of fun to be had in couch co-op with this one.

Cuphead Cuphead is one of the most refreshing games to be released on the Xbox One in the past couple of years, and it also features local co-op, where you can team up with a friend to take down the game's toughest bosses.

It'll take away a bit of the challenge, sure, but it'll still be a fun time. Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville The tower-defense game, turned third-person shooter has returned once again with Battle for Neighborville.

This game takes the world of Plants vs Zombies you grew accustomed to in Garden Warfare 2 and blows it wide open, adding more places to explore, more maps to play through, and even more absurdly good co-op fun.

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition While JRPGs are typically single-player affairs, Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition allows players to have come couch co-op fun by letting players take control of other party members in battle.

However, with a little coordination, you'll be able to dominate in no time. Streets of Rage 4 This modern take on a classic series is a couch co-op experience not to be missed.

Streets of Rage's old-school brawling action was once a mainstay of arcades and university halls of the 90s, and now it's back again with a fresh coat of paint, enhanced controls, and a suitably rockin' soundtrack.

Minecraft Dungeons Minecraft Dungeons is the new dungeon-crawling RPG spin-off that fans of the franchise should have on their radars.

And even if you haven't dabbled in Minecraft before, this is an enjoyable and accessible co-op hack-and-slash that anybody can hop into.

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Phantasy Star Online 2 Elegant Beginnings Ac Scratch Collection Celebrates the New Year. Anime Mecha Tabletop Game Embryo Machine Hitting Kickstarter for English Localization.

For those who love to play silly games with friends. Why we love it Fibbage XL is a fun and hilarious party game where people can come up with outrageous lies that may actually end up being the truth.

You like party games You enjoy silly games with friends. You don't like party games You prefer something more serious.

For those who like to play fun and fast arcade games with friends. Why we love it Peg Ballet pretty much has it all for Apple TV users. You are looking for a complex, intense game You don't have anyone else to play with You don't like fast arcade games.

Why we love it The graphics are simple but well conceived, keeping the focus on thinking about the right answer to the question.

You like trivia games You have friends who like trivia games, too You have iOS devices for everyone who wants to play. You don't like trivia games You prefer solo trivia games You don't have enough iOS devices to go around.

For those who like head to head action with simple controls. Why we love it - Like to play games alone - Enjoy casual gameplay. Take on your friends and score to win for some bragging rights.

Like multi-player games Enjoy sports games. For those who like sword fights and parties. Why we love it Happy Swordplay: Party Game makes your Apple TV feel like a Nintendo Wii since you're using your Siri Remote or iPhone to duel each other with virtual swords.

You like competitive games You like sword fights You are a fan of motion-sensor games like on the Wii. You don't care about being competitive You don't like sword fighting You don't like Wii-style games.

For those who want to play ping pong with friends but don't have a table. Casual , Action , Local Co-Op , Simulation.

Co-op Campaign , Local Co-Op , Co-op , Action. Action , Gore , Indie , Violent. Action , Simulation , 2D , Multiplayer. Adventure , Action , Puzzle , Platformer.

Action Roguelike , Roguevania , Local Co-Op , Difficult. Shoot 'Em Up , Arcade , Action , Retro. Action , Indie , 2D , Pixel Graphics.

Simulation , Co-op , Party , Space. Action , Indie , 4 Player Local , 2D Platformer. Social Deduction , Party , Party Game , Multiplayer.

Local Multiplayer , Team-Based , Battle Royale , Action. Browse All Upcoming Releases. Narrow By Tag Action Indie Co-op Local Multiplayer Singleplayer Multiplayer Casual Thankfully there are plenty of great Android games to play.

You get to share in the excitement, challenge your friends, and have fun together. Social gaming is relatively easy on Android.

There are two types of local multiplayer games. The first is over WiFi or Bluetooth and the second is entirely offline.

One requires two devices connected together and the other lets you play on a single device. However, there are plenty of good titles out there.

Here is a list of the best local multiplayer games for Android that you can play with your buddies right next to you.

Among Us BADLAND BombSquad Chess by AI Factory Limited Crossy Road DUAL! The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout Farming Simulator 18 Gunstar Heroes Heroes of Flatlandia Minecraft Riptide GP: Renegade Sea Battle 2 Spaceteam Tsuro Here are some more excellent local multiplayer and regular multiplayer games!

Among Us was one of the runaway viral hits of A group of between five and ten players prep a spaceship for departure.

A couple of players try to kill everybody on the ship while the rest of the players figure out who it might be.

BADLAND is a classic platformer game. It supports up to four players on the same device. The game also has fun graphics, a level editor, full controller support, cloud saving, and support for Android TV.

That makes this one of the great local multiplayer games no matter the device. The game easy enough to get your friends into and the platformer element is a bit unique for local multiplayer games.

However, the developers keep it updated for now. BombSquad is a multiplayer game recommendation from one of our readers. The game allows for up to eight participants at once.

They all try to bomb each other to claim supremacy. Free to Play , Multiplayer , Fighting , 2D. Basketball , Sports , Simulation , Character Customization.

Sports , eSports , Realistic , Co-op. Physics , Funny , Colorful , Multiplayer. Mini Golf , Multiplayer , Golf , Casual.

Fighting , Action , Character Customization , Multiplayer. Showing 1 - 15 of 1, results. Browse All Top Sellers. Funny , Multiplayer , Co-op , Puzzle.

Basketball , Sports , Simulation , Multiplayer. Multiplayer , Funny , Fighting , Action. Fighting , Action , 2D Fighter , Multiplayer. Browse All Time Most Popular.

Fighting , 2D Fighter , Multiplayer , Pixel Graphics. Multiplayer , Funny , Platformer , Local Multiplayer. Multiplayer , Funny , Pixel Graphics , Local Multiplayer.

Trivia , Local Multiplayer , Casual , Funny. Local Multiplayer , 2D Fighter , Indie , Action. Multiplayer , Racing , Local Multiplayer , Indie.

Trivia , Casual , Indie , Multiplayer. Action , Indie , Sports , Great Soundtrack.

Lokale Multiplayer Spiele
Lokale Multiplayer Spiele All trademarks are property of their respective owners Lokale Multiplayer Spiele the US and other countries. Set before the events of the original game, Darksiders Genesis is the first-ever multiplayer entry in the series, and switches up the camera angle in the process. Bullet HellAction RoguelikeRoguelikePixel Graphics. See All Specials. You can use the Siri Remote, a MFi game controller, as well as iPads, iPhones, and even the Apple Watch Montecarlo Online controllers. The game allows for up to eight participants at once. A Way GalgenmГ¤nnchen Online is a narrative-driven game with mandatory co-op. Putting this game on Apple TV makes 3 Kingdoms Games sense for family gatherings or Saturday nights with friends. Peg Ballet pretty much has it all for Apple TV users. They offer tons of content that is always family friendly, and the fact Achtung Mit No Frost System Testbericht you can play couch co-op makes them great for a night with the kids or with just about anyone. You and three other friends can either match off against each other in a free-for-all or split into teams and see who has the biggest strategic brain among you. Choose your avatar, hone your skills, and compete with others around the world! Ein rundum gelungenes Paket, das noch dazu atemberaubend aussieht und ein Must-Have Athena Owl die Xbox One. Si lo tuyo son las partidas de sofá con amigos, aquí tienes algunos de los mejores videojuegos con multijugador local. Tap Tap Party is a local multiplayer collection of games for up to four players. This is casual gameplay at its finest, with adorable and hilarious characters that will keep you and your friends. Riptide GP: Renegade is the best local multiplayer game for race fans. This one features wave runner racing. The game features a fairly deep career mode, online multiplayer, and split-screen. Gang Beasts, TowerFall Ascension, and Crawl [Early Access] are probably your best bets out of the 46 options considered. "Available on multiple operating systems" is the primary reason people pick Gang Beasts over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision. With the rise of online gaming, couch co-op seems to be falling to the wayside in recent years. Fortunately enough, there are still some really great games to play on the Xbox One that allow you. Browse the newest, top selling and discounted Local Multiplayer products on Steam. The Parsec SDK adds online multiplayer to your game instantly. The game developer SDK makes your game online ready with a simple, light-weight integration. Using our industry leading game streaming technology, we’ve eliminated the need for servers and netcode to make your game instantly cross platform and shareable. Want to play Multiplayer Games? Play Uno Online, Four in a Row, solomonetc-wrt.com 2 and many more for free on Poki. The best starting point to discover multiplayer games. Mit unserer Auswahl haben wir versucht, Spiele Zum Selber Spielen unterschiedlicher Genres vorzustellen. Kauft, handelt und kämpft, um an die nötigen Gegenstände für die Flucht zu kommen. Beliebteste Inhalte aller Zeiten anzeigen.


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